I’ve been dabbling a bit into videography this year, starting with simple behind the scenes videos of my Hypertune shoots and now graduating into making short sizzle reels for people. The first few projects were freelancing to help out with video work for Panasonic Malaysia (camera division). In those projects I was either the A cam or B cam guy. It was definitely a good learning experience and I’m grateful that I’ve been paid to learn. 🙂

The first video that was fully shot and edited by me is a video for Team Hiap Aik Suzuki Racing, which you can view by clicking on this YouTube link. Up next is a video for Team Works Engineering, of their race in Malaysia Speed Festival. Stay tuned!

Note: With the Panasonic videos all footage was shot with Panasonic cameras. For the Team Hiap Aik Suzuki Racing video it was a combination of Canon 5D MK3 and Panasonic Lumix GX8. Newer videos from now on will be shot exclusively on Canon 5D MK3 and Canon 80D.