This photo shoot with a model friend of mine took place sometime in December. It was for the January issue of Hypertune magazine, featuring ROWE products in a 5-page gallery. My go-to lighting set up for all indoor shoots has been the Phottix 6-feet parabolic umbrella. It takes less than a minute to setup anywhere I go, and if the location isn’t spacious enough I can always use my brandless umbrella octabox. As a photographer without budget for assitant(s) convenience always trump fancy light modifiers.

I’ll update in future blog posts with more pictures shot with the Phottix parabolic umbrella as the light modifier.

As you can see from the featured image sometimes I use more than one light. This is usually another studio strobe for fill light or for highlight. And if I don’t have enough space to work with I will opt for a normal speedlight instead.

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