I took advantage of last week’s public holiday to do a cheongsam photoshoot with Sandra.

Instead of the usual photoshoot at the Thean Hou temple that bombards my Facebook timeline before every Chinese New Year, I opted for somewhere different, but with Chinese architecture as well. The shoot turned out quite well, with a variety of locations as the backdrop. Lucky for me that there were quite a lot of shaded places as we started at around noon.

As the shoot progressed I was thankful that it wasn’t a bright cloudless sunny day. The available light was soft enough that I did not require any fill in flash or reflector (everyone else had plans on that day, so I worked alone without any assistant). I did however used a high ISO setting as set my shutter speed to above 1/2000. This allowed me to have another form of insurance against hand shake as at times I was squatting about here and there for my shots instead of sitting down or standing up properly.

I settled for a tea-colored look for this cheongsam photoshoot. I played around with some purple tones and also some vibrant Velvia-like tones, but in the end preferred this tea-colored look as it provided some vintage feel to the series. I used one of the presets from Pretty Presets as my base in Lightroom, and then proceeded to add some extra layers in Photoshop to enhance the look.

What do you think of the final look? Hit or miss?

Pretty Presets website, besides selling Lightroom presets, also has some good general tips for photographers. First is posing tips for photographers, and the second is 5 Photography Tips for Beginners.

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