A few weeks ago I took on a commercial project to shoot shoes for a brochure. How many shoes? I lost count of it by the end of the first day, but suffice to say that it was somewhere between 100 to 200 pair of shoes. Now that I think about it, there might have been more than 200 pairs of shoes!

It was a quite taxing shoot as budget did not allow for hiring an assistant, and I had to lug my lighting equipment along with the camera bag with me. So this called for a portable light setup which consisted of one Yongnuo 568EXII flash, a small Manfrotto light stand and a Phottix Easy-Up Octa Umbrella Softbox.

The flash was triggered by a YongNuo YN-622C-TX which allows me control over the flash power output on the transmitter itself without having to manually adjust any settings on the flash. This was the go-to setup for my shoot throughout the entire day. The only difference was when I shot in the hotel room later in the evening that I changed to a two light setup which was bounced to the white ceiling of the room.

#1 This picture was shot outdoors with the one light setup using a 50mm lens.

#2 This was set up and shot in the client’s store room. The white backdrop was just 2 white foam boards joined at 90 degree angle. A studio strobe was pointed at the ceiling to light from the back left of the picture while another strobe was to the camera right attached with a Phottix Octabox.

#3 Same setup as the center picture but instead of using foam boards we used some wooden crates instead. In hindsight I could have done things differently but there wasn’t much I can do on a tight budget and on limited space.

The picture that you see on the left (or on top, if you are on a mobile device) was shot in the hotel room with a 50mm lens to give it a bit of the blurred effect (bokeh) look.

Should I have done things differently under these working circumstances?

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