This was my third trip to Bangkok though it marks the second time I’m there for the Bangkok International Motor Show. Venue was the same as last time, which is Impact Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center. The show took up three hall space so it was not surprising that I got very tired from walking all over the place.

There weren’t any major changes to the layout of the booths, and certainly the amount of people who packed the exhibition center was still as many as back in 2012. The Thai automotive market is certainly healthier compared to Malaysia. The number of sales people present at each exhibitor’s booth was more than the presenters (booth babes) that they hired. This is a complete opposite of what we have here at our very own Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show.

My travel companions and myself visited Chatuchak Market again and it was still teeming with tourists just like in 2012. Maybe it’s due to travel books or the Internet mentioning about this market, which I think is a bit overhyped. One little secret – you are here for the clothes then you’ll be better off at MBK shopping mall, where you won’t break a sweat shopping around.

I wasn’t too keen on bringing my DSLR with me to the market and to the shopping malls, so this makes the Sony α5100 a perfect companion instead.

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